Brookville Arabians

Iacy Sams thumbnail picture

RSC Carhif X Gharyah NA

2003 Bay Mare

This Brazilian National Champion Gold Star Breeders Cup filly was recently purchased by Bedu Arabians to take their breeding program to a higher level. Iacy Sams is confirmed in foal to Unanimous National Champion Ames Charisma and will be bred to the future head sire of Bedu Arabians exciting young stallion Starwan via embryo transfer in 2007.

Brookville Arabians will be presenting Iacy Sams at the U.S. Nationals in 2007 and we are highly anticipating her future of greatness as a show and breeding mare. This is an exceptional mare with a very bright future for Bedu Arabians and Starwan. Congratulations on your purchase!

RSC Carhif
Gharyah NA